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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  January 18, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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and that's exactly what the experts say a victim would do. the issue for victims being raised by charges she says she is not an victim. that's exactly what the experts say a lot of victims do. the issue for victims being raised buy charges against us and from cisco area sheriff. >> and white tech brains as they build and maintain online piracy are just too much. >> he said he saved himself by mistake. the explanation from the tanker ship captain that has made him an international laughingstock. >> is probably one of the oddest trades being offered on the internet. how about the pounds of high- grade marijuana for 24040 minute tickets on the 50-yard
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line. >> the life of san francisco's sheriff is emphatically denying allegations that he abused her. instead, she claims her husband is the real big dumb. sharon chin on why domestic violence experts say, regardless of whether she is the victim, her words speak volumes. >> eliana lopez, the sheriff's wife, called into the popular news source in her home country of venezuela and such is not the victim of domestic violence. she said, the attacks on him are because of his aggressive views. >> normal board has counseled domestic violence survivors were more than 20 years and she's fallen media reviews about the allegations and she said many would depend her husband like
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lopez. >> her reasoning is, sometimes we say it's battered women's syndrome. she's accepting of this, it happened, but he said the father, is the good husband at work on this. a lot of times it's been the motivation of things. >> she says it's not unusual for battered women to stay in the relationship of guilt, shame or fear. >> inmate threatened to take the children away and many times women feel that they will have support for will be ostracized. >> court documents state neighbor ivory madison reported the alleged abuse after videotaping lopez who showed up crying with bruises on her arms. she was also upset because her husband cost at her and threatened to take away her son. ward suggests she may simply be looking after lopez. >> for some reason, someone
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felt that maybe they were protecting her. it could be that someone is trying to save her life. >> both have recused to speak to investigators that they have told the media that the domestic violence accusations are false. his first court appearance is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon and his lawyer says he will likely request buy gag order. >> thank you. >> up by standard was involved in the crash involving robbery suspects trying to speed away from officers. it began in the work with the break-in. it ended a few blocks away from the suspect's vehicle hit our car on cherry street. the victim died at the scene and has not been identified. there were three suspects, one was hospitalized for the head injury and the other two ran from the scene but were later arrested. the work officers say that their officers were not chasing
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the vehicle at the time of the crash. >> can you feel it yet? we are finally about to get some rain. roberta is tracking the storm that will dampen the rest of our week. >> it's been 33 days since we have needed an umbrella. don't precipitation as of yet but it is coming. there you have it, lining up against the pacific northwest with copious amounts of rain. so as far as our future cast blame is concerned, here's lunchtime tomorrow. i'll precipitation still north of the golden gate bridge. we will tally up the numbers and come back with totals for you and when it ends and that comes up next time around. >> thank you, roberta. governor jerry brown outlined his plan to fix his finances in his annual state of the state speech today. he said california can recover,
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but phil matier reports that will be of painful healing process. >> california is on the mend. >> that was the governor's prescription for california, cuts in temporary taxes. the cuts will likely be the social safety net program, something even his fellow democrats are resisting. >> i think the details and listen to what the budget is what we have to debate. >> as usual the republicans are dead set against any tax hike. >> praised venture capitalists. >> none of this for the state's $13 billion deficits in to face the governor. >> the year 2012 presents plenty of opportunity and if we work together we can stimulate jobs, build renewable energy, reduce pollution and greenhouse gases, launched the nation's only
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high-speed rail system, asked the delta, improve our schools, reform our tensions and make sure the real name is working. >> he made another push for high-speed rail despite it's million-dollar price tag. >> those who believe california is in decline will shrink back from such an undertaking. i understand that feeling that i don't share it. >> the governor also called for less testing of school, students in california. he says it takes up too much time and doesn't help. >> reduce the number of tests and get results to teachers, and superintendence and weeks and not months. >> meanwhile thousands of oakland city employees learned that this could be there last month on the job. nearly 2500 pink slips were sent out today, almost half the city's entire full-time and
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part-time workforce. as part of the city's effort to save $30 million per year. the city council will decide on the 30 first how many people that if i will actually be laid off. >> the internet blackout to protest proposed antiterrorist laws appears to be working. at least three members of congress are now backing off. len ramirez was buying more than 10,000 websites went dark today. >> the research goes on at san jose state university but one of the key tools was missing. vicki smith got on the glimpse of what she was looking for. >> i saw him little flash of it and then it showed me this screen. it gave me the feeling of what it would be like if it was this way all the time. >> these anthropology students were also caught up. >> that means i will have to do a lot more work tomorrow.
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>> wikipedia and thousands of other websites went to black in protest at the two bills known as sopa and the house and pipa in the senate. but those are supposed to protect content producers from having been distributed and stolen on wine but critics say the laws are too broad and do more harm than good. >> is like dropping the nuclear bomb on someone who was shoplifting. >> rob says they are afraid it will jeopardize free speech and the internet as we know it. several previous backers from the bill are already pulling away. >> pressure was on before this happened at this made it even more visible so the few supporters that were left are running screaming away from this moment so they don't get hit by the fallout. >> the bills have been losing some of their key sponsors, one
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of them barcode would appeal in florida who has been mentioned as the vice presidential nominee. they say it's unlikely that those will come back this year but may be revived with changes after the election. >> team may well be the most well-known ship captain in the world right now and he's not very well-liked. this was the cover of the new york post today. it's just one of the number of public criticism of the captain that was at the home of the cruiseship when it ran aground off of the italian coast. audio recording suggest that he fled the ship after the crash and refused orders to get back on board and help passengers. he told investigators that he tripped and accidentally fell into the lifeboat. the victims family members say that he must be held accountable. >> he must pay for his
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wrongdoings. >> the captain is under house arrest right now. at least 11 people are confirmed dead and 21 are still missing. >> if you have the hottest tickets in town, a lot of people are hoping you are willing to give the nod and not just for cash. the author is out there for people with tickets to this sunday's 40 niners game. >> and 20 years in the making, the norwest are pointed in new york state. >> and backstabbing seems to be beneficial to the body. how cowardly searchers say gossip can be good for you.
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hours of going on sale this morning. one lucky couple scored four free tickets.
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tickets to this sunday's nfc championship game sold out within three hours of going on sale this morning. one lucky couples work for free tickets. that was the second-best thing to happen to them this week. vince and michelle we're supposed to be at saturday's playoff game between the 40 niners and the saints but instead they watched it at the hospital where she was in labor. >> we were watching it while i was in labor. it kept my mind off of things because i was in so much pain, it was the great focal point for me. >> the son was born after the 40 niners won the game but that's not the end of the story. michelle heard about gay better contest with the fan for the best reason he or she should attend. they sent in their story and one for tickets. it could be hard to top that
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but a lot of people will go to great lengths to get their hands on appear no matter what the costs. linda yee is that the candle talking about what people are willing to trade. >> this place will be rocking in about four days. minor fans have been waiting about that decade with it to get back into the playoffs and will do anything to get tickets. [ cheering ] touchdown, 40 niners! >> scoring the ticket to the championship game is harder than i 40 niners touchdown. at least if fans want to pay for them based on use. 100 and nine to $350 each. ticket sales online we're gone in literally seconds. it was the twitter frenzy for
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season ticket holder tampax. he offered for tickets for sale on social media sites and they sold in 10 minutes. >> i have trouble keeping up with responses. >> fans were willing to give up rent money to go to the game. he raked in $2300. >> the two that i had today paid cash. >> stub hub offers tickets for sale by owners and guarantees they will not be counterfeit. there are thousands of seats available, starting price, $365. >> the highest listing has been $10,000 but as far as what's being purchased it's been about $2000. >> some fans desperate to go to the kmart offering interesting deals and trade, like randy cortez. how about these air jordan's. last month people stood in line and we're pepper sprayed to get
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these limited edition basketball shoes. he has two brand-new ones he will trade for tickets. >> i think it's worth it. i would rather create memories and enjoy the game. and tickets are going for around $300 and issues are around 350 so it's an even trade. >> but the strangest trade of the day, i found the top grade marijuana. this oakland man and says it's worth $3000 but there is the catch. >> not anyone can trade with us. only those that are licensed medical marijuana patients. he said he will only trade for something on the 50-yard line for something equal to that. >> "-end-quotes tickets on the 50-yard line cracks that may not know the ball well but i
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know they are worth more than three grand for the championship game. >> i think so too but, you can only dream. >> that's what we're doing here. and now what we know what is at stake for sunday's game. if the 40 niners win, they are michael bloomberg will rename 40 ninth street in manhattan, 40 niners street. if the giants win, then there will out that the cable car in blue and white for the day and decide some sourdough bread to the big apple. >> the northeast is getting hammered by the biggest snowstorm in two decades. 100-mile per hour winds helped to put of snow on the state capitol of olympia. further north in seattle people got die more quickly sliding down streets than driving. the storm closed schools,
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clogged roads, canceled flights and cost hundreds of accidents. >> we have had when winch outs and rollovers and we tried to get to them as quick as possible but, it takes along time. >> seattle normally sees 8 inches of snow for the winter, forecasters predict 12 by noon tomorrow. now there is the danger that melting snow could lead to flooding. >> allright roberta, that storm isn't heading our way back to. >> actually it is. it's the first in the series of storms. that is one big storm heading this way. we have had plans on time everywhere tonight but that won't be the case late tomorrow or friday. live high definition doppler radar searching for precept,
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not finding it yet but we do have cloudy skies in san francisco, about 3 degrees below average. 39 in oakland after yet another record low temperature of 30 degrees this morning, but not as cold as it has been due to the point of cloud cover. overnight in the 30's and tried ballet, mid- 30's across the silicon valley. these are the headlines. we haven't had rain's december 12 and 15. that was 33 days ago so tomorrow will be 234 day that we finally have something moving in. and to 6 feet of snow. bringing snow to seattle, copious amounts of going, and we have rain showers and crescent and dry in ukiah. we will have of late evening commute. by the lunch hour tomorrow we
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have plenty of precip to the north of the golden gate bridge and then it slides across to the silicon valley this time tomorrow night. it will stack up with the second system that again by friday afternoon. in lab temperature wise and to the 50's, we can count on this storm system into friday by about this time friday night, two and quarter inches of rain and the weather spots of north bay and santa cruz mountain's generally speaking, over an inch in san francisco and the eastern portion of our bay area. right now it looks like what the storm on sunday it should hold off until after the game but go prepared. it will certainly be damned and cool. >> how many salt trucks do we have here ask. >> we have one. and we used it in 1978. >> we are in trouble. [laughter] have you heard? gossip might be good for you.
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people spreading the word about someone who is untrustworthy or vent about something that is unfair can reduce stress which is good for your heart. experts say warning other people about bad behavior also helps maintain social order. >> the force may be strong but neighbors are hoping they are stronger. >> why they oppose the creation by lewis. ,,,,
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pay more than current customers. starting data package if you are about to jump onto the ap and the bandwagon, will pay more than current customers. starting sunday at&t's cheapest data package will cost $20 per month, up from 15. the charge of your plan will jump from 25 to 30, and the tablet plant will be wiped out altogether leaving 30 or $50 options. that includes new customers. and netflix is basing up class- action lawsuit from its own investors. it claims that they violated several federal securities laws including misleading investors
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about the laws of licensing content and hiding the fact that subscription fees would need to increase. >> the group of bay area neighbors is fighting to film producers plan to build in your backyard. it's already the home of his skywalker ranch. the complex would include the spirit of department store sized soundstages along with offices, residences and restaurants. neighbors protective of their rural lifestyle could have planned two thumbs down. >> it could be of winery or his part. it could become many different things. >> i don't have any objections from someone being rich and doing well, but this is about choice. >> in the statement he said that he surprised at the opposition says the plan has been publicly discussed and
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approved by county supervisors. >> opponents of the 40 niners news santa clara stadium say they have the backing for about an issue. the group santa clara place pair wants to repeal the pending deal the city approved last month. they say they turned and close to 11,000 petition signatures today, but they may not count for much. the city attorney says the loan decision is not subject to referendum because voters already approved the project. >> eli manning leaves practice
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get it and you're in. word yet if the tight end will be cleared to play in sunday's
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nfc championship after breaking the 40 niners got the return of delaney walker to practice today. no word yet if you will be cleared to play in the championship after breaking his jaw on christmas eve. >> personal underdog, the favorite. we are all fighting for the trip to the super bowl. to say that anyone should win these games is kidding themselves. look at last week, i think everyone about the road would go to lambeau and the championship game would be played there and look what happened. >> no paper is right now. in light and he orchestrated the giants upset win over the packers at lambeau. he loved giants practice early with flu today. you think they are going to be worried about david carr? anyway. it's good and the warrior lead
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is three points. but they aren't all scored 27- 14 in the fourth. kris humphries is spare and loses 100. maybe jackson can let off some steam, he broke for rockets that they are studying open. we will see you. ,,
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